In order to promote the safe installation of building components including trusses, manufacturers send out a Jobsite Package to the construction site with the truss delivery. These Jobsite Packages include the Truss Submittal Package. The Truss Submittal Package includes the information that if required will be submitted to the Contractor/Building Designer, who if required will submit it to the local building official. This guide reviews what the designer should know about both Jobsite and Submittal packages. 




  • Truss Submittal Packages and Jobsite Packages are useful documents for truss manufacturers.
  • This design guide will show:
    • What parts are included in each package
    • How and where to obtain each document

Step 1

Truss Submittal Package

  • Required by the International Building Code (IBC)
  • Required by ANSI/TPI 1-2014: National Design Standard for Metal Plate Connected Wood Truss Construction (TPI 1)
  • Should include a Jobsite Package

Step 2

  • A Jobsite Package is a collection of documents sent by the truss manufacturer along with the truss delivery to promote safe installation practices
  • The IBC and ANSI/TPI 1 both reference BCSI as an industry standard for handling, installing, restraining and bracing trusses
  • The SBCA standard Jobsite package for Wood Trusses consists of the following documents in a zippered (10x14 in) plastic bag:
    • Cover Sheet
    • Information for Framers
    • Checklist for Handling and Installing Trusses
    • BCSI Summary Sheets:
      • BCSI-B1: Guide for Handling, Installing, Restraint & Bracing of Trusses
      • BCSI-B2: Truss Installation & Temporary Restraint/Bracing
      • BCSI-B3: Web Member Permanent Bracing/Web Reinforcement
      • BCSI-B4: Construction Loading
      • BCSI-B11 Fall Protection & Trusses
  • SBCA offers a variety of Jobsite Package types for different types of projects:
  • If the project has special requirements, custom Jobsite Packages can be assembled.

Step 3

Cover Sheet

  • Included in all Jobsite Packages
  • Front: safety warning
  • Back: TPI 1 design responsibilities
  • Three variations:
    • Wood trusses (English/Spanish or English/French)
    • Cold-formed Steel trusses
    • Wall Panels

Step 4

Information for Framers

  • Included in standard and Canada Jobsite Packages
  • Encourages framers to review the Jobsite Package documents and follow the recommendations.

Step 5

Technical Topic Documents

  • Truss Technology in Building (TTB)
  • Component Technology in Building (CTB)
  • Steel Components in Construction (SCC)
  • Examples:
    • Checklist for Handling and Installing Trusses¬†
    • Building with Wall Panels
    • Long Span Truss Installation
  • Find all TTB, CTB, and SCC documents online

Step 6

BCSI Summary Sheets

  • BCSI information in a single page
  • One or more included in each Jobsite Package
  • Additional BCSI Summary Sheets available individually
  • Find all BCSI Summary Sheets online

Step 7

Add-On Document Templates

  • Cover Memo to Customer
  • Customer Checklist
    • Lists items included in a specific customer Jobsite Package
  • In-House Checklist
    • Template for assembling Jobsite Packages
  • Delivery Driver Checklist
  • Find free, customizable templates online