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Design Guides

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Title Product Updated date
Use of Resilient Channel or Hat Channel to Meet the Lateral Restraint/Bracing Requirements of the Bottom Chords of Wood Truss Floor Systems Resilient Channel Bracing 01-03-2017
Sealed Truss Placement Diagrams - IBC Truss Placement Diagrams 01-03-2017
Sprinkler Systems and Wood Trusses Sprinkler Systems 01-03-2017
Sealed Truss Placement Diagrams - IRC Truss Placement Diagrams 01-03-2017
Sealed Truss Placement Diagrams - Texas Truss Placement Diagrams 01-03-2017
Polyiso NFPA 285 Testing and the Use of Engineering Extensions Polyisocyanurate 01-20-2017
Exterior Brick Masonry Veneer supported by Wood Trusses Exterior Masonry Veneer 02-16-2017
Single Membrane Floor Protection Requirements of 2012 IRC Section R501.3 & 2015 IRC Section R302.13 Single Membrane Floor Protection 03-15-2017
Truss Heel Heights and the Energy Code Heel Heights 03-15-2017
Sprinkler Loads on Trusses Sprinkler Systems 03-22-2017
Inspection and Quality Assurance Requirements for Wood Trusses Inspection and Quality Assurance 03-22-2017
Lay-On Gable Connection: An Analysis of a Toe Nail Connection Visible After Sheathing is Installed Lay-on Gable 03-22-2017
Use of Cantilevered Sill Plates with Wood Trusses to Align with Varying Thicknesses of Exterior Sheathing Cantilevered Sill Plates 03-22-2017
Overdriven Nails in Structural Sheathings Overdriven Nails 03-22-2017
Truss Uplift Design Truss Uplift 03-22-2017
Impact of C&C loads due to ASCE/SEI 7-16 Truss Placement Diagrams 03-23-2017
Sound Transmission in Trusses Roof Trusses 03-23-2017
Floor Truss Ribbon Board Load Path Floor Ribbon Board 03-24-2017
Insulating Concrete Form Sill Plate Requirements Roof Trusses 03-24-2017
Special Floor Loading Considerations in Typical Residential Construction Special Floor Loading 03-24-2017
Fire Retardants and Truss Design Fire Retardants 03-27-2017
Fire Resistance Rated Truss Assemblies Fire Rated Assemblies 03-27-2017
Floor Vibrations: Methods of Control Floor Vibration 03-27-2017
Deflection Limits for Floor Trusses Floor Deflection 03-27-2017
Truss Submittal Packages and Jobsite Packages Truss Submittal or Jobsite Package 04-06-2017
Product Evaluation and Indemnification Roof Trusses 04-17-2017
Bottom Chord Live Load Concurrency and Truss Design Roof Trusses 06-13-2017
Heel Blocking Requirements and Capacity Analysis Heel Blocking 06-13-2017
Gypsum Joint Ridging and Cracking Roof Trusses 07-18-2017
Code-Compliant Construction of Conventionally Framed Roofs & Roof Trusses Roof Trusses 08-08-2017