DrJ Best Practices Example

Everyone wins when your product is designed and installed correctly. This can be accomplished by providing specifiers, customers, installers and building officials with information that is accurate, easy to understand, and fosters the safe use of your product.

See the following links for a good example of what we mean:

  1. Code Compliance Document(s)
    1. Shear-X Professional Technical Evaluation Report (TER)
    2. An automated professional engineering certification system for TERs
  2. Design Guides
    1. Shear-X Unblocked Diaphragm
    2. Shear-X IBC Blocked Diaphragm
    3. Shear-X IRC Blocked Diaphragm
  3. Installation Guides
    1. Shear-X Blocked Diaphragm
    2. Shear-X Unblocked Diaphragm